Special Needs or Disabilities

Martial Arts training can be a great activity for people who have different special needs or disabilities. The detail oriented nature of training and the emphasis on focus and respect can help these individuals immensely. However, many Martial Arts classes are not readily accessible for students with special needs or disabilities. Classes are often too large, loud, or fast paced. In order to address this, Step Forward Martial Arts focuses on delivering one on one attention to our students. We accomplish this goal by keeping group classes small.

By focusing on small group classes Step Forward Martial Arts has sought to eliminate these barriers for students with special needs or disabilities. Additionally, Step Forward Martial Arts offers individual one-on-one training to all students. This can be a great option for students with additional needs who are not quite ready for the group classes. However, as they grow and improve in their skills and confidence, we have made it very simple for the student to transfer into the appropriate age and experience level small group class.

Sensei Andrew had originally attended college to become a special education teacher, when he began to teach karate full time, he sought to combine his passion for karate with his passion for teaching students with disabilities. Through Step Forward Martial Arts, Sensei Andrew has been able to bring his two biggest passions together.

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Two Boys with special needs or disabilities  - Cerebral Palsy
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